CBSE Computer Science Syllabus for Class 12 PDF

Here Term wise CBSE Computer Science Syllabus PDF with distribution of Marks for Class 11th and Class 12 board exam 2021 -2022 is given for free download .

For class 11TH and 12TH Learning outcomes are-

Learning Outcomes CBSE Class 11

Student should be able to

  • a) Develop basic computational thinking
  • b) Explain and use data types
  • c) Appreciate the notion of algorithm
  • d) Develop a basic understanding of computer systems – architecture, operating system and cloud
  • e) Explain cyber ethics, cyber safety and cybercrime
  • f) Understand the value of technology in societies along with consideration of gender and disability

Learning Outcomes : CBSE Class 12

Student should be able to

  • a) apply the concept of function.
  • b) explain and use the concept of file handling.
  • c) use basic data structure: Stacks.
  • d) explain basics of computer networks.
  • e) use Database concepts, SQL along with connectivity between Python and SQL.
cbse computer science syllabus for class 12 pdf

Download of new syllabus PDF 2021 -2022 -> Click Here

Thanks for cbse computer science syllabus for class 12 pdf below are the MCQs for the term-1 board exam paper practice

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