Class 12 Computer Science Python Notes PDF

Class 12 Computer Science Python Notes PDF for free download. Notes are according to CBSE latest CS (Python) Syllabus. This PDF covers all the topic of Computer Science with easy step wise approach. This PDF is made by the topics experts and presented to you. This PDF reading and learning from is necessary for scoring good marks in Exam. The best notes for self study and score good in CBSE Board Exam.

The latest syllabus with Python is followed, below are the topics covered. This website also provides assignment solution of CBSE syllabus class 11 and 12. Feel free to download. For solved assignments- Click here

Contents of Notes PDF (Topics covered)

Revision of the basics of Python
Conditional Statements
Iteration constructs
Idea of debugging
Lists, Tuples and Dictionary
Sorting algorithm
Strings in Python
File Handling
Using Python Libraries
Idea of efficiency
Data visualization Using Pyplot
Data structures
Structure of a Network
Basic Network tools
Application layer
Interface Python with an SQL Database
SQL commands
Society , Law and Ethics
Intellectual Property right
Technology and society
E-waste management
Identity theft
Gender and disability issues while teaching and using computers.

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Download Computer Science PDF

Name of PDF- Class 12 Computer Science (Python) Notes PDF
For CBSE Class 12
Number of Pages- 35

Download PDF from the below google drive link.

Thanks for downloading the Computer Science (Python) Notes for Class 12. Solved assignment of computer science python CBSE syllabus is provided on this site. Go through them to have a good score in exam. Also, Python practical exams question and solutions are provided here. The study of PDF and Notes in very helpful for your practical exams or preparing the practical file.

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