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Notes : Key Elements of a Democratic Government Class 6

Key Elements of a Democratic Government

  1. For Rights people have struggled a lot.
  2.  Democracy is the best system to give rights to people.

Racial Discrimination Ending:

  1. Asian and African sub-continent are very close to each other.
  2. Practise of racial discrimination was widespread practised in African sub-continent.
  3. Majority of the population of Africa was Black skinned. The white occupied the area and treated native African with the practice of racial discrimination.
  4. The discriminatory practice were so openly practised that every visitor or native can see and feel them.
  5. People fought  this discriminatory practice and after several decades this policy of racial discrimination was dropped with the appointment of Nelson Mandela as President.

Democratic Participation:

  1. For a democracy to be successful it is necessary that the people feel that they have voted for the government .
  2. Participation in the government is done by voting the government and participating in activities that protest or support the government.
  3. In India people participate to select the government through voting every 5 years in state as well as central government also.

Different  ways of Participation:

  1. There is several ways of participation in Indian democratic strucutre.
  2. Some methods of participation are dharnas, rallies, strikes, signature campaigns and other form of protests.
  3. Mass media mould public opinion an highlights the problems of public.

Conflict resolution by Government:

  1. There are many problems in people life or in a democratic setup that leads to possible conflicts, Such conflicts needs to be resolved for the peaceful life of people.
  2. The feeling of being discrimination arise with in the people and this discrimination feeling is not good as it give rise to conflict so there is a need to feel equal under the democratic principle.
  3. Responsible government should resolve the problems of people and avoid conflict.

Rivers as a Source of Conflict

  1. The water is very useful to state and sometime also lead to flood there is always a need to maintain water level in both regions.
  2. For example, Tamil Nadu gets river water only when Karnataka releases it from dam.
  3. A tribunal has been created to check the water requirement and supply in bith the regions. Hence the conflict is being resolved by tribunal.

Justice and Equality :

  1. Giving impartial justice and equality to all is one of the responsibility of a democratic structure.
  2. Equality and Justice are inseparable from each other. Justice can only be done by viewing the people as equal.
  3. Dr. Ambedkar fought, there has been long struggle against discrimination  of untouchable.
  4. Untouchability has been removed with the help of Law.
  5. Daughter has equal inheritance in father’s property according to the Hindu Marriage Act.
  6. Democracy will become directionless without equality and justice.

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Subject: Social and Political life
Chapter 4 : Key Elements of a Democratic Government
Language: English
Pages: 2
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NCERT Solutions : Key Elements of a Democratic Government Class 6

Question 1. How would Maya’s life be different in South Africa today?

Answer: Due to the following reasons today Maya’s life would be different in South Africa:

  1. Apartheid practice  is abolished.
  2. Law will treat her with equal rights.
  3. Discrimination based on caste, color, creed and religion is abolished.
  4. Right to choose and participate in government would be granted.

Question 2. What are the various ways in which people participate in the process of government?

Answer :People participate in the process of government by following ways:

  1. By election participation.
  2. To choose their government by voting.
  3. By participation mass protest like rallies, strikes, signature compaigns etc.
  4. Limiting the power to duration of the elected government and candidate  by regular elections.
  5. Criticizing the government on social media, televisions, newspapers etc and expressing their view.

Keeping government on track and be informed with the government works and decisions

Question 3. Why do you think we need the government to find solutions to many disputes or conflicts?

Answer: Many disputes or conflicts need to be find solution:

  1. If not solved it can turn into outrageous or violent movement in future.
  2. Government take care of citizens as it is accountable to its people.
  3. Necessary to maintain peace and laws in the nation.
  4. Trust need to be maintained in government  for the maintainance of laws and justice.

Question 4. What actions does the government take to ensure that all people are treated equally?

Answer:All people has to be treated equally for this steps taken by the government :

  1. Government should treat people equally in front of  Law and constitution.
  2. Equal rights have to be provided so that they are treated equally.
  3. No discrimination in providing justice on the basis of caste, colour, creed or religion.
  4. Underprivileged classes  need to be provided special protection.
  5. Food, shelter, health and clothes to all to be provided.

Question 5. Read through the chapter and discuss some of the key ideas of a democratic government. Make a list. For example, all people are equal.

Answer :Democratic government key ideas :

  1. Formation of the government is done by the people participating in it.
  2. Provide justice to all.
  3. After a fixed period re-election must held.
  4. Accountability of government needs to be maintained by citizens.
  5. There is           no discrimination on the basis of caste, colour, creed or religion.
  6. Right to participate and organise mass movements, rallies, protests etc. 

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Subject: Social and Political life
Chapter 4: Key Elements of a Democratic Government
Language: English
Pages: 2
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