Physics Sample Paper 2023 Class 12 PDF Download

Physics Sample Paper 2023 Class 12 PDF with solution for free download. Practice Model paper PDF for the preparation of upcoming Class XII Board exams in 2023. First we will check the latest syllabus and after that download links of Physics sample papers are provided.

Physics Sample Paper 2023 Class 12 PDF

CBSE Class 12 Physics Syllabus

CBSE Syllabus 2023 for Class 12 Physics consist of nine units as mentioned in the table below.

Paper : Physics
Time: 3 Hours
Max Marks: 70

Unit No.Name of UnitMarks
Unit–IElectrostatics16(unit 1 & 2)
Unit-IICurrent Electricity
Unit-IIIMagnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism17(unit 3 & 4)
Unit-IVElectromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
Unit–VElectromagnetic Waves18(unit 5 & 6)
Unit–VIIDual Nature of Radiation and Matter12(unit 7& 8)
Unit–VIIIAtoms and Nuclei
Unit–IXElectronic Devices7

Download Physics Sample Papers for Class 12 :

You can free download the Class 12 Physics Subject Sample paper 2023 PDF from the below given google drive links:

Sample Paper 1 to 5 : Physics for Class 12

Sample Paper 6-10:

Physics Sample Papers for Class 12 : 11 to 15

Sample Paper 16-20:

Physics Sample Paper 21-25:

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