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Python Crash Course book PDF by Eric Matthes for free Download. Python is the in-demand programming language in Information and Technology industry. It is being widely used in artificial intelligence and machine learning programming. This language is most famous for its simplicity and power. There are many Python online compiler (interpreter) making the Python programming simpler. First Python is installed, this book Python crash course by Eric Matthes covers topic from installing to making high end programs and projects with a hand-on approach. A hands-on, Project based, Introduction to programming.

This book is a favorite among students due to direct approach and project based approach. 3 Hand-on project are given in this books after the basic knowledge of Python. This book is most widely used and must to have it books.

Contents of Python Crash Course Book

The following topics covered in the book

Getting started
Variables and simple Data types
Introducing Lists
Working with lists
If statement
User input and while loop
Files and exemption
Testing of codes

Alien Invasion
Data visualization
Web applications

Python Crash Course free pdf download

Name of PDF- Python Crash Course – A Hands on, Project based Introduction to Programming
Writer- Eric Matthes
Number of pages in PDF – 562

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Disclaimer : We are not the owner of this Python Crash course book. This book is already available at internet and we are sharing a google drive link for the self study of students.

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