Python program to print “Hello Python”

Python program to print “Hello Python”

Introduction :

Python is a general purposing interrupted computer language. The coding done in python is of simple readability and indentations. Its Program and project are made of easy object orienting language. Its uses various English keyword. This is the most simplest (basic) programme. It specifies how to print a statement in Python. Today we are going to printing Hello world program with the help of Print command and Hello world in comma’s as they are being in as string.


Here we are choosing print() as the in built function from python to show the output on the screen of the computer. Then, We are using IDLE Shell mode (Python 3.7.4 shell) as it is a small one-liner we have not taken scripting mode . Then, Program wise we will be using the script version. In script mode the python take the script first as the input and provide output in the shell mode. Whatever is need it is print giving in between the comma’s as the Hello world. We have first printing Hello python then the hello world in different times but in the same shell window.

print("Hello python")
print("Hello world")


Here in the output we are seeing in the version of Python is 3.7.4 and shell window is opening and two command at different times is being giving. First command given is Hello python is within comma’s in python inbuilt function print(). Here like the commands are being taken by the interpreter in shell in >>> (three signs) whereas output is giving without any sign.

Python program to print "Hello Python"

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