Python Projects for Class 12 with Source Code (Mysql Connectivity)

Python Projects Class 12 Computer Science with Source Code and Mysql connectivity. Project Report File PDF with code for free download. According to the new CBSE Computer Science Syllabus (python) Class 12 students have to prepare a Project File with code.

Weightage in CBSE Class 12 Board Exam : Computer Science Project File : 8 Marks

Python Projects Class 12 Computer Science with Mysql

According to the new syllabus of computer science with Python for the term 2021- 2022 students will be divided into group of 3 students and they have to make projects. These are some 10 available projects above with theory and practical(code). These projects has a weightage of 8 marks .These code are thoroughly checked. The Requirement from the course is Python plus Mysql. Use them if you have similar requirement.

Download and use the Python Programs with Mysql connectivity to increase your programming skills and secure better marks in Board Exams.

THEORY (To be submitted in written form)- click on the respective project (Theory)Practical code ( To be submitted in coded form) coding
Bill Managementcode
Cosmetic Shopcode
Course Detailscode
Fashion Storescode
Fee Managementcode
Food Boking Systemcode
Parking Systemcode
Quiz mastercode
Railway Reservationcode
Instant Messaging Systemcode

Practical file for CBSE Class 12 : Download from the below link.

Download free practical file computer science with python for Term -2 class 12 CBSE(2021-2022)
Python coded file in .py format

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Term 2 Computer science practice sets class 12

Class 12 computer science with python solution of Sumita Arora book

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