What is Government Class 6 PDF Question Answer

What is Government Class 6 Notes and Question Answer PDF for free download. NCERT Social Science Class 6 book Social and Political life Chapter – 03: What is Government? Questions and Answers for study and score full marks in annual exam.

NCERT Class 6
Subject : Social Science
Book : Social and Political life
Chapter – 03: What is Government?

What is Government? Notes

Countries need government to run the order of the province according to Laws so to attain basic purpose of the governments. Government does many important things for the people.

Importance of government:

  1. The Law and Order of a country is maintained by Government.
  2. Government provides the basic facilities like roads, electricity, waterways, railways, health and sanitation, etc.
  3. Government protects against external threats to its people as well as government and is need for maintaining unity and integrity of the country.

Government Levels:

  • Functions at several levels-central, state and local is done by government.
  • Local government looks after the villages and towns, state government after the provinces and Central government looks after nation.

 Laws and the Government:

  • Citizens have to follow the Laws laid down by the government.
  • The power of enforcing the Law is a duty of government.
  •  Courts give justice to the aggrieved party.

Types of Government:

  • The type of governments make the laws keeping in context of its type.
  • Democratic and Authoritarian are two types of government.
  • People have a right to choose their representatives in democratic countries. For example, India, UK and USA.
  • Governments where there is absolute obedience to the authority are known as Authoritarian government. Examples of such  governments are Saudi Arabia and Myanmar.

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Subject : Social Science
Book: Social and Political Life
Chapter 3 : What is government ?
Number of PDF Pages : 01

What is Government Class 6 PDF Question Answer

Question 1. What do you understand by the word ‘government’? List five ways in which you think the government affects your daily life. 

Government is the organisation of people which governs and implement the rules.
Government affects our life in the following manner :

  1. It protects people from threats by internal and externals people.
  2. It changes the social structure for betterment of human life.
  3. It provides funds and rule for the welfare like health, water .
  4. It makes sure that country is producing and consuming the correct amount of food and water .
  5. It helps in running postal and railway services.

Question 2. Why do you think the government needs to make rules for everyone in the form of laws?

Formulation of laws by government is done for the following need

  1. It helps to lay guidelines for authority and citizens.
  2. Functioning of government as most of the law are same everywhere due to which quick compliance is possible.
  3. As the Laws are centred around people needs and peace of the society as a whole.
  4. It make the social fabric secure for the citizens as it punishes and also rewards citizens according to Law.

Question 3. Name two essential features of a democratic government.

Essential features of a democratic government:

  1. Election are routinely held so that the citizens have the right to choose their leaders.
  2. Government is accountable to the people.

Question 4. What was the suffrage movement? What did it accomplish?

Right to vote is termed as suffrage. All of the Europe and USA poor people and women had to take part so to have the right to vote .
They provided a model of democracy and the value of vote to the world. Their right to vote was granted in Europe and USA in 1920s.

Question 5. Gandhiji strongly believed that every adult in India should be given the right to vote. However, a few people don’t share his views. They feel that illiterate people, who are mainly poor, should not be given he right to vote. What do you think? Do you think this would be a form of discrimination? Give five points to support your view and share these with the class.

Yes, it will be a discrimination based on economic status. Point to support:

  1. These people cannot choose the Government and hence they feel their voice does not matter.
  2. People of all classes fought for independence and hence everyone has equal right.
  3. People are not poor by choice.
  4. Every adult has say in the formation of the government according to Universal adult franchise.
  5. The idea for right of equality in a democracy is conflicted.

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Social Science Class 6
Book: Social and Political Life
Chapter 3 : What is government ?
PDF Pages : 1

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